Why us?

Where there is water, there is life!

We are advocates

We advocate for people without safe water, without resources, without hope. We advocate for people stuck in a perpetual cycle of despair caused by the trials and challenges created by unsafe water.

We are partners

Our desire to serve also extends into our local community; we partner with other non-profits who are positioned to distribute shoes we provide, to those in need.


Our ever-present desire to be good stewards of our resources has steered us to utilize water implementation partners to complete our water points.


Our belief that there will always be a need and a desire to serve and help one another has created a natural partnership with schools, religious institutions, civic organizations and businesses to provide community engagement, community service opportunities and volunteer opportunities.

We are educators

Locally, we educate in schools, religious institutions, civic organizations and businesses about the global water crisis and the lifestyle of millions of people without safe water.  We encourage individuals to take action to become global citizens, with a heart to serve others and protect our planet. 


‘The Story Of The Thirsty’ is an interactive exhibit located at Chesterfield Mall educating about the relationship of water to life.


Globally, we educate about sanitation and hygiene and protecting their safe water.  This in turn decreases water-borne illnesses, allowing children to attend school and create a future with unlimited possibilities and opportunities.


we are fundraisers

Because of the generosity of local manufacturers, we are able to have private-event shoe sale fundraiser.  This occurs monthly through an email invitation.   


If you are interested please organize a shoe drive.



We encourage individuals or organizations to sponsor a fundraiser and offer our facility for you to hold your fundraiser.